Discover how to get a quad pumping leg workout with nothing but resistance bands.

If you thought it was impossible to get a great leg workout in without access to a squat rack and a ton of plates, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, I’m going to take you through an intense leg workout with nothing about resistance bands. Take it for a test run being sure to follow the guidelines to the letter, and I guarantee you’ll be a believer!

The Exercises

Resistance Band Squats



The key to get the most benefit from resistance band squats is to maximize the resistance level through the entire range of motion. Many guys do not squat low enough when they use free weights. When using bands a lot of people have too much slack in the band in the bottom position of the squat. That means that the first third of the upward push has virtually no resistance at all. That is not an efficient way to train your quads.

The problem is that these people are holding the band at chest level. However, we want to ensure that we are getting full resistance from the bottom of the squat right through to the top of the movement. To achieve that, we will hold the bands at shoulder level as if we had just done a shoulder press. This will stretch the bands out to their fullest capacity. 

Take a wide stance with your feet arched slightly outwards. Place the resistance band under your feet and hold the handles at shoulder level with palms facing outward. Make sure that your back is slightly arched and that you are looking up. Squat down until your hamstrings are slightly below parallel to the floor. Drive back to the start position, pushing through the heels and focusing the center of your power on your thighs.

When you perform squats in this fashion you will be forcing yourself to use good form. That’s because the act of straightening your arms at shoulder level, pulls the lower back, putting it in the natural arch position which is ideal for squatting. 

Perform twenty reps on your first set. Then rest for exactly thirty seconds before doing the next set. This time drop your reps to 15 but use the next heaviest band that you have. Continue to perform the reps in one and a half rep fashion. 

For the third set, go to your heaviest band and pump out 12 perfect one and a half reps. Again only allow yourself 30-seconds between sets.

After another 30-second rest, perform your final set of squats. This time you are back to 20 reps, but you are doing them at double the speed you did on the previous sets. Drop back to your starting resistance. Be sure to maintain form and full range of motion. On this set you do not do one and a half reps. 

Rest for exactly one minute before your next exercise.




While often considered a back exercise, the deadlift is also a great hamstring worker. To perform it to maximise your hammies, place the band under your feet and position your feet wider than you would for a squat. You want the band to be as taut as possible in the bottom deadlift position. Now squat down to grab the ends of the band. Drop your glutes down, keep your lower back slightly arched and look to the ceiling as you power through the heels to drive to an upright position. 

It is interesting to note that the strength curve on the band deadlift is opposite to what you get with free weights. When you are using a barbell, you will be weakest at the bottom position and strongest at the top. However, with bands, you are strongest in the bottom and weakest at the top when the bands are at full extension.This more closely aligns to the body’s natural strength curve.

Follow the exact same rep scheme that you used for squats:

  • Set One - 20 reps
  • Set Two - 15 reps
  • Set Three - 10 reps
  • Set Four 20 reps

Be sure to increase the resistance on each set, except for set four where you drop back to your starting resistance. And keep to a strict between rest period of just 30 seconds to keep the intensity level high!

Stiff Legged Deadlifts



This version of the deadlift places more emphasis on the glutes. Start in the same position as in the conventional deadlift. This time, however, you do not want to bend your knees throughout the movement. That means that your range of motion will be considerably shorter. Be careful not to round your back during this movement. You want it to remain in its natural slight curvature position. 

You will be starting with your hands just below your knees. As you drive up, squeeze your butt cheeks together to fully activate your glutes.Take this exercise nice and slow, being sure to keep your hands in at your sides and explosively powering up during the positive part of each rep. 

Perform 3 sets of 20 reps on this exercise, again with just 3- seconds between each set. 

Single Leg Squat Lunge






Get down into a lunge position with your bottom lower leg resting on the floor. Place the band under your front foot and grab it either side about a foot above the ground. Now extend back into the start position for a lunge. Be sure to get a full extension so that your back knee just touches the floor on each rep. Squeeze the glutes tightly just as you did on the last exercise.

On this exercise you will be doing four sets of 10 reps on each leg. There is no rest between sets - you simply go back and forth between the legs until you’ve done them all!

Wall Sit



The wall sit is your finishing movement. It is designed to squeeze the last bit of power and energy from your thighs. As soon as you finish your single leg squat lunges make your way to a wall and assume a seated position against it. Your legs should be at a 90 degree angle and your arms need to be pinned to the wall. Look at a clock and try to hold for 60 seconds.


If this workout doesn’t have you wobbly for the next couple of days, then you haven’t done it right. Start by doing this workout once per week on its own. Then, if you feel you can handle it, step it up to twice a week, giving yourself at least 48 hours between sessions. Good luck!


Once you’ve given this workout a try, we’d love to hear your feedback. Comment below to share your experience. Be sure to keep checking our Facebook page for future videos, articles and training programs.

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