Can you handle this intense resistance band workout for the chest? Challenge yourself and find out.

You don’t have to hit the gym and get under the bench press to get a great chest workout. Your set of resistance bands will allow you to do every chest move that you can do in the gym, and then some. In this article, we provide you with an intense pec pumping workout to hit the lower, mid and upper chest.

What You’ll Need

When you’re working with resistance bands, it is a good idea to wear workout gloves. This will serve the dual purpose of preventing blisters and ensuring that sweat doesn’t cause your grip to fail. You will also need to make use of the door anchor piece that comes with your resistance bands. Of course, you will need a door to connect it to as well. Some of the exercises will be anchored while others will use your body as the anchor. 

The Workout

Sets & Reps

On every exercise we will follow the same set and rep structure. The first set will consist of 20 reps. The next two sets are 10 reps each. Then the fourth and final set is another 20 reps. For the middle two sets you will increase the band resistance so that those 10 reps are challenging. 

Band Push Ups









Push ups are a staple chest exercise. However, the problem that most guys find is that they soon become too easy. You have to do high rep sets to really feel it in the pecs. Resistance bands allow you to overcome that problem. The band adds extra resistance to make the exercise infinitely more challenging. 

To get into position for band push ups, sit on your knees with the band across your back at the level of your shoulder blades and hold the ends with a palms forward grip. Then put your hands on the floor in a push up position. Now kick your feet back. You should be holding the band so that it is taut over your body in the start position. 

Now perform your reps, being sure to use proper form with a full contraction and extension on each rep. Bring your chest all the way to the ground and squeeze the pecs at the top.

On your second and third sets, increase the band resistance. If you need to, you can stack the bands so that there is more than one band around your body.

Single Arm Incline Press



For this exercise, we will use the door anchor attachment to secure the band for the pressing movement. On this press you will be working at an incline, so position the door anchor at about the level of your hip. Now grab the band with your right hand, palm facing forward and your body facing away from the door. Stagger your feet so that your right foot is behind your left foot. Position yourself far enough away from the door that your chest gets a good pre-stretch at the start of the exercise.

Make sure that your body is squared up so that your chest is facing completely forward. Then brace your torso. Now begin your first set by punching forward at an upward angle to straighten out the band. Be sure to get a full extension and contraction on each set. If you need more tension, step forward slightly. 

When it comes to adding resistance on the second and third set, you can either use a heavier band or simply move further away from the door. 

Use the same rep scheme on this exercise :

  • Set One = 20 reps
  • Set Two = 10 reps
  • Set Three = 10 reps
  • Set Four = 10 reps

Remember that you need to do this exercise on both sides of the body.

Single Arm Fly


The single arm flye allows you to focus on each side of your pecs individually to achieve the maximum level of peak contraction. For this exercise, you will also be using the door anchor. This time position the anchor point at the level of your mid torso. Stand side on to the door with your torso square on. Use a band that will make it challenging to rep out on the last 25 percent of your set. To increase the resistance you can either shorten the length of the band or step further away from the door. You want there to be plenty of tension on the chest at the start of the movement.

Begin with your chest opened and your head up. Now bring your arm all the way across your body. Your elbow should be slightly bent and locked in that position. Feel the peak contraction on every single rep.

Use the same 4 set rep scheme on this exercise.

Be sure to do this exercise on both sides of the body.

Band Chest Squeeze



This exercise makes use of your body as the anchor. Stand on the band so that your feet provide that anchor point. The closer your feet are together, the less resistance you will create on the band. You want to be able to grab the band with both hands at the level of your mid-thigh so that there is a taut tension on it. Use a palms-up grip to hold the band. 

The movement involves bringing the band up and your hands together to touch at the level of your chin. This will squeeze your pecs together for a forceful contraction at the top of the movement. Remember that this is a chest and not a bicep movement. So, you do not want to perform any type of curling motion. To avoid that, be sure to keep your arm straight throughout the exercise (no bending at the elbows). Focus on bringing your elbows up and squeezing the chest as you bring your pinkies together.

Perform the same 4 set rep scheme as previously. 

The Workout Summarised:




Banded Push Up



Single arm incline press



Single arm flye



Band chest squeeze





This chest workout should be performed at a good pace in order to keep the tension on the pecs throughout. Rest no more than 30 seconds between sets and exercises. However, when you are doing your set, do not rush it. Focus on full extension and peak contraction on every single rep. On the eccentric (negative) part of the rep, slow it down so that it is twice the time of the positive part.

Try this workout for 6 weeks and you will see a gain in both size and strength. Once you’ve given this workout a try, we’d love to hear your feedback. Comment below to share your experience. Be sure to keep checking our Facebook page for future videos, articles, and training programs.

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