Discover how to use resistance bands to create a thick, wide, v-shaped back.

A strong, muscular back is the ultimate sign of power. Thick, wide lats that taper down to the waist to create that classic v-shape are the goal of most trainers. In this article, we present a hardcore resistance band workout designed to create a back to impress.

What You”ll Need


For this back workout, you’ll be making use of a door anchor to perform pulldown exercises. For that you will need the door anchor attachment that came with your resistance band set. You will also be doing pull ups on this program, so you’ll need a pull up bar, or at least a high beam that you can use. We also suggest wearing workout gloves.


The Workout


This back workout consists of five exercises that work every part of the back:


  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Teres major
  • Rhomboids
  • Erector spinae


Each of the resistance band exercises will be done for 4 sets. On these exercises, you will follow this rep scheme:


  • Set One - 20 reps
  • Set Two - 10 reps
  • Set Three - 10 rep
  • Set Four - 20 reps


When it comes to Pull Ups, you will do 3 sets to failure. That means that you keep going until you cannot do another rep without cheating. 


On each succeeding set, you will increase the resistance on the band. This can be achieved in one of two ways:


  • Using a heavier resistance band
  • Moving further away from the anchor point


This is a fast paced workout. You want to maintain the intensity as much as possible. Keep your rest between sets to 30 seconds as long as your rest between sets. Between each set you should stretch the muscles of the upper back. Do this by grabbing a fixed upright object with one hand, getting down into a staggered leg position and feel the stretch through your lats. Rock back and forth for a count of 10. Then repeat on the other side. 


The Exercises


Pull Ups




Take a slightly wider than shoulder width grip on the pull up bar. Straighten your legs and have them slightly angled in front of you. Now spread your scapula, open your chest and pull directly up so that your chest comes up to the bar. Lower and return but do not go all the way down to a dead hang.


One Arm Lat Pulldown





Anchor the resistant band at the highest point of a door. Once it is in place, lock the door to keep it secure. Now position yourself about three feet away from the anchor point, facing towards the anchor. Grab the band with your right hand, stagger your legs so that your right leg is in front. Bend the knee to get into a form stance with your weight on the front leg. In this start position, you should feel a great pre-stretch through the lats and the angle of the band should be about 30 degrees. 


Pull the band in and down toward your hip. In the bottom position your elbow should be touching your hip.


Be sure to work both sides of your body.


Band Rowing




Set the anchor to a low point on the door, about 12 inches from the floor. Sit on the floor facing the anchor point. Place your feet on the door with your knees slightly bent. Now grab the bands at a point about 12 inches from the anchor point with each hand. 


Keeping your knees locked in a slightly bent position, arch your lower back and extend your arms. From here you should feel a good pre-stretch through the lats. Now, without rounding the lower back, pull your elbows back into your ribcage to contract the lats. Think about and feel lat activation as you do this. Hold the peak contraction for a second and then return to the start position.


Pull Apart




Stand with a resistance band in your hands, holding it at a distance of about 12 inches. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your back slightly arched. Now extend your arms up in front of you at chest level. Keep your arms straight as you pull your hands apart. Concentrate on bringing your scapulae together to work the teres and rhomboid muscles.






For this exercise, you will use your feet as the anchor point. Place the band under your feet with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. The wider your foot spacing, the more resistance you will create on the band. You need to grab the band at mid-calf level. Be sure to keep your lower back pulled in and your core tight.


From the start position, look up and open your chest as you straighten up to a standing position. In the top position, squeeze all of the muscles of the upper back then lower and repeat.


Workout Summary





Pull Ups


As many as possible

Lat Pulldown



Band Rowing



Pull Apart








This back workout will maximally stimulate your lats a well as the smaller muscles of your mid and lower back. The entire workout should take around 45 minutes. If done with the required pace and intensity, you will feel muscle soreness for the next 48 hours. After three days your back should be fully recovered. If bringing up your back is a priority for you, perform this workout twice per week (i.e. Monday & Thursday). Otherwise one workout per week will be enough to produce good results.

Give this workout a try for six weeks. Then move on to a program based around pull ups for a period of six weeks. 

Once you’ve given this workout a try, we’d love to hear your feedback. Comment below to share your experience. Be sure to keep checking our Facebook page for future videos, articles and training programs.

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